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Interior Painting Tips for New Homeowners


One of the first things many new homeowners do to freshen up and make a new house feel more like a true home is painting the interior. Alliance Painting is here to share with you interior painting tips to help you transform your new home into something beautiful and cozy. Continue reading to learn more, and contact our team of professional painters today to schedule your free painting estimate!



Beautiful master bedroom with royal blue walls

Choose the Right Color for the Space

Choosing the right paint color is not only one of the hardest decisions to make, but also one of the most important. You should choose your starting colors based on the mood and look you are going for within the space — keeping in mind how much light is present. Before choosing your paint color, consider painting samples on the surface within your space to see what it will look like within the specific space and how the paint dries. Get in touch with our ColorShrink at Alliance Painting for more assistance choosing the right paint color!

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Splurge for High Quality Materials

From the paint itself to the brushes, rollers, and more, it’s extremely important that you choose high quality materials to ensure the smoothest application and lasting results. While they may cost a little more, the long term benefits are well worth it. Even with high quality materials, be prepared that you will likely need to apply more than one coat to receive full coverage and capture the desired color.

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Preparing the Surface and Space

The right starting point can make all the difference. Ensure that you take the time to prepare the surface you are planning to paint as well as the space as a whole following the steps below:

  • Dust and clean the walls with a damp rag, drying fully before painting.
  • Remove outlet covers, lightswitch covers, smoke detectors, and window treatments.
  • Use painters tape to protect vents and fixed window treatments.
  • Remove furniture or place in the middle of the room and cover with tarps.
  • Fill any holes with spackling, allow to dry, and sand until flush with the wall.
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Check Temperature and Humidity

With the heat and humidity that is common in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it’s important that you check the temperature and humidity within the space before beginning to paint and control the climate of the space throughout the painting process to ensure it dries properly.

Not sure if you are confident with painting your new home on your own? No need to worry, our team of experienced and professional painters at Alliance Painting is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a free painting estimate for our interior painting services!


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