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While many are partial to the classic look of their raw brick home, it is becoming increasingly common to paint the exterior of brick homes. Some have reservations about doing so as they have heard that painting brick will cause more problems and harm than the increased aesthetic appeal is worth.

Here at Alliance Painting, we use natural paint that is specifically designed for brick. This eliminates the harmful effects that causes many to be appalled at the thought of painting their brick home. Contact our team of professional painters in the Dallas-Fort Worth area today with any questions or concerns!

Image of the front of a brick home that has been limewashed
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Why Paint Your Brick Home?

When completed using the proper materials and techniques, painting a brick home offers a number of different benefits. Below, you will find some of the main ways that brick painting can improve the exterior of your home. Contact our experienced painting contractors today for more information!

  • Offers Variety - Painting your brick home allows you to show off more of your personality as you can choose from a large variety of colors and different finishes.
  • Boosts Curb Appeal - The variety of color options also allow you to improve the aesthetic pleasure of your home, increasing both its curb appeal and its value.
  • Provides Layer of Protection - Paint provides a brick home with a layer of protection as it seals and smooths the porous surface of a normal, raw brick exterior.
  • Low-Maintenance - The sealing and smoothing effect of painting brick also leads to a low-maintenance surface as it doesn’t collect as much dirt and is easy to clean.

The Masonry Paint We Use

Our team at Alliance Painting in Colleyville uses a special masonry paint from Romabio Paints for all of our brick painting projects. This mineral paint has been a game-changer when it comes to painting brick, as it allows the bricks to breath naturally. 

With Romabio Paint’s Mineral Masonry Paint, your brick home’s exterior will be able to release moisture from within, while also being protected from any outside moisture getting in. This protective layer of paint provides durability and is resistant to mold, peeling, and sun damage. Additionally, all of the Mineral Masonry Paints are backed by a 20-year warranty. Contact our painting contractors at Alliance Painting today to learn more!

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Richmond White


Silver Lining

So Succulent

Instant Chateau

Made Me Blush

Fog Machine

Sage Advice

Chocolate Fix

Misty Eyed

Going Greige

River City

Super Shady

Classic Navy

Forever Evergreen

Choose Your Color

Your personality should show through all throughout your home, and the exterior of your home should be no different. Having color options to choose from allows you to match the current style of your home’s exterior or completely change it up and give it a fresh new look. Check out these color options from Romabio Paints! Contact our team at Alliance Painting today if you would like more information or assistance choosing the best color for your home.

Choose Your Finish

This Masonry Flat mineral paint from Romabio Paints offers a beautiful flat finish. Available in all of the colors shown above, the possibilities are endless when upgrading the exterior look of your home. A simple, two-coat application process offers amazing coverage and an unbeatable layer of protection. In addition, this paint is made from natural ingredients, providing an eco-friendly paint option.

The Masonry Textured paint offers an aggregate, yet flat finish. With an end-result of a slightly textured look, this mineral paint adds depth and beauty to any brick home. The calcifying minerals are all-natural, making the Masonry Textured paint environmentally friendly, free of toxins, and extremely durable. This textured finish is also available in all of the Romabio Paints colors shown above.

The Importance of Masonry Paint

The thought that painting brick can cause major damage is by no means a myth. For many years, when painted with standard paint, bricks would end up molding and paint would peel off due to the increased water being held between the paint and the raw brick surface.

Brick needs to be able to release moisture to stay durable and offer a long-lasting exterior to your home. As mentioned above, Mineral Masonry Paint from Romabio Paints is formulated to calcify on the surface of bricks, and allows the bricks to breathe exactly as they would without any paint at all. This amazing formula allows you to change the color of your home, add a layer of durable protection, and creates an easy to clean, mold-resistant surface. Contact Alliance Painting today for all your brick painting needs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area!

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FAQs About Brick Painting

Does painted brick require special maintenance?

If applied properly, painted brick actually requires very little maintenance. With raw brick being very porous, it can collect dust and debris easily, and is difficult to clean. However, when painted, the surface is less porous, collecting less dirt, and cleans up easily.

Is painting brick a bad idea?

If using the wrong paint, yes. It is vital that you choose a high-quality, porous masonry paint that allows your bricks to breathe. With the proper paint, painting brick can actually increase durability, provide protection, and increase the time before needing redone.

How do I prepare my brick home for painting?

First, you will want to make sure that all dirt, debris, and mold is removed. Most masonry paints recommend that the brick is dampened prior to painting it, so be sure to check this on the specific paint you are using. If so, spray the brick surface with a hose to dampen.

Does masonry paint require primer?

This often varies depending on the paint being used. The Mineral Masonry Paint by Romabio Paints that we use here at Alliance Painting does not require any primer when being used on non-absorbent, masonry or brick surfaces. Simply apply two coats for best coverage.

Choosing Alliance Painting

Here at Alliance Painting, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality materials and workmanship. We have been using products from Romabio Paints for many years, and have seen the durability and beauty with our own eyes.

Beyond the materials and products we use, our painting contractors are insured and offer a five-year workmanship warranty on all exterior painting projects. Your satisfaction is our main priority, from the free painting estimate and initial consultation to the end result of your freshly painted brick home. Contact our team of professional painters today to get started!

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