This is a question we receive on almost every in-home consultation:

Do I need to be home while my house is being painted?

The answer is NO.

We leave that decision up to you – we’re flexible.  In most situations we advise our clients not be home while we’re painting the home.  Of course, it’s not expected that you’re not home, we just advise it based on feedback we’ve received from 1000’s of our clients.

Why Should I Consider Vacating the Home For Painting?

Efficiency and Project Length

If we’re painting the entire interior of the home the first item of business is masking and covering all areas to protect your belongings from paint spills and splatters.  To be most efficient with time, we prep off all areas we’ll be painting in first.  This allows us to work faster than if we painted one room at a time.  It also requires that all beds, furniture, kitchen appliances, etc are covered and protected for the duration of the project – can you live in a home like this?  Some can, most don’t.  When circumstances warrant, we will paint one bedroom (or leave a bedroom unpainted for last) to completion on day 1 of a project so you have somewhere to sleep, if you wish to stay home during the project.


Projects where we’re painting cabinetry or other wood surfaces tend to put off a stronger smell.  The reason is the type of paint and prep process for these surfaces require chemical agents to clean and/or prep the substrates.  To accommodate our clients, we do use zero or low VOC paints for walls and ceilings, which don’t have as potent of a smell.  It’s more feasible to stay at the home if you’re only painting walls & ceilings.  Everyone has different tolerance levels to the aforementioned products.  That said, we advise clients to vacate the home while we paint.


We have very trustworthy crews – they paint our home when needed.  We have no reservation having them in our home unattended.  Some clients don’t allow us to have the home to ourselves – that’s great too.  We understand why you may choose to stay home for the painting.  We pride ourselves on properly setting expectations with our clients.

When Does It Make Sense To Stay Home During Painting?

There are certain types of projects where it can make sense to be home….

Exterior Paint Projects

Clearly we won’t be in your personal space on this type of project.  We really don’t need anyone onsite – we would need access to open up any doors we’re painting to make sure we paint them to the inner edge

Partial Home Repaints

If we’re only painting 20% of our home, it probably makes sense to stay even though we’re working.


The ball is in your court – will you stay home for your paint project?