Have you watched the HGTV Hit show “Fixer Upper”?  Have you watched an episode where they paint the exterior brick on a house and thought to yourself, “That looks awesome, what a transformation!”  I want my house to look like that!  Buuuuuuutttttt I wonder if I can afford it?”  You’re in the right place!  How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Brick Exterior House in Dallas-Fort Worth?

The obvious answer?

It depends on the following

  1. Size of the home
  2. One story or two
  3. Number of windows
  4. Number of colors – the more colors the more time it takes to paint

We love painting brick – why?  It gives the home a completely new look and feel.  We love to see the look on our clients’ face when they see it for the first time.  There’s nothing better in our business.  Painting brick is one of these types of projects (painting kitchen cabinets has similar impact).

The first time you paint your brick can be expensive

The main contributor is product usage.    It’s no secret that brick is a very porous surface that absorbs like a sponge.  What does that mean?  It’s going to suck in the primer – to achieve proper coverage and uniformity we have to make sure the primer covers well.  This will help the paint cover well and have a uniform appearance.  Masonry primer is actually more expensive than paint.

Brick Priming

The Good New is…..

You only have to prime your brick once – every time you repaint the home, it’s a simple paint job at that point.

Watch Out For…..

Contractors that will try to save you money by not priming the brick first.  This can be very enticing and have a very high future cost.  I’ve seen this many times.  Contractor wants to sell the job and does so at far cheaper price but, they’re not priming first.  Why is this important?  Brick (and your paint in this case) has to hold up to all the natural elements of Texas……Extreme heat, rain, ice, tornadoes….the list goes on.  If the brick isn’t primed, your paint job likely will not hold up very long.

What Is The Cost To Paint A Brick Exterior House in Dallas-Fort Worth?