1. 3 Tips – House Painting Estimate Take-Aways

    Here are my 3 tips - House Painting Estimate Take-Aways.  First impressions are everything, right?  I've learned a lot about the importance of first impressions as Alliance Painting has grown to be one of our market's pre-eminent house painting companies.  We strive to perfect the basics of busin…Read More

  2. Interior Painting Process – When to Critique Your Painter

    Prior to being a Painting Contractor in the DFW market, Sarah and I hired a professional painting company to paint our new home in Utah.  Knowing nothing about the interior painting process, I was critiquing the painters work before they were done.  I remember how stressed I was about the paint jo…Read More

  3. House Painting Contract Signed – Now What?

    House Painting is a highly competitive market in Dallas Fort-Worth.  House painters are on every corner, it seems.  It's often overlooked by many clients but, all painters are not created equal.  Here's why! During my initial consultation appointment with my clients I always assume two things (my…Read More

  4. Interior Painting Preparation – 4 Tips to Mask & Cover

    What does our interior painting preparation look like? I sympathize - you care deeply for your home and your personal belongings.  Your home is your biggest investment and I'd ask the same questions to a contractor coming into my home. Below are my 4 tips for masking off and preparing for your inte…Read More

  5. Interior Painting – Should My House Look Brand New?

    The short answer on interior painting projects?  It depends on what you're painting. Let me explain.  We typically repaint existing homes, therefore, we're painting over the last "painters" work.  Why is this important? Unless you're painting everything in your home (walls, ceilings, trim, and do…Read More

  6. When Should I Paint My New House?

    Buying a new home in the Fort Worth or Mid-Cities area?  Wanting to paint it?  Great, keep reading...... I often receive calls from clients who are preparing to close on a home they've just purchased.  Initially they'll call to schedule the estimate with me, however, after asking them "when they'…Read More

  7. House Painting Estimate – What To Have Ready

    I often arrive to estimate appointments with clients who know they want to paint their house, but they often don't consider all they might want to be painted in advance of meeting with contractors.  They may know they want to paint the walls, but don't consider how the ceilings will look after a co…Read More

  8. House Painting – Final Inspection Check-List

    We had our house professionally painted five years ago when we were residing in Salt Lake City.  When it came time to approve the work the painters looked at us with this sort of blank stare and asked: "Everything good?". My reply, "Yeah, I guess." I thought we'd have a formal inspection to knock o…Read More