1. Part 1: Should You Hire a Professional Painter or DIY?

    Spring is a time of renewal and for many homeowners, a time to spruce up their homes and yards. It’s also a perfect time to repaint the exterior of your home and the interior or your home as well. But should you tackle this job yourself or should you hire a professional painting contractor? Allian…Read More

  2. Important Attributes of Professional Painting Companies

    It seems simple to brush or roll a coat of paint on a wall, ceiling, or home exterior. However, when you start the job, you may soon realize it is a great deal of work, and there are many things to know if you want to do the job right. This is the reason many people in the Dallas Fort Worth area tur…Read More

  3. Choosing Interior Paint Colors

    It is time to choose new paint colors for your home. You know you want a more modern look, but you are unsure of the colors. Then, you visit a paint shop, and you are immediately overwhelmed. How will you choose a color? It can be a challenge today because there are so many options. Plus, you also n…Read More

  4. The Top 5 Secrets of Professional Interior Painters

    There’s a reason why professional interior painters perform top-quality work with every project. They like to employ a few little-known secrets to keep their performance at peak value while delivering on the promises to give the customer a beautifully painted interior home. While painting contract…Read More

  5. Who Are The Best Painting Contractors In Dallas-Fort Worth Texas?

    Who Are The Best Painting Contractors In Dallas-Fort Worth Texas? Each year at Alliance Painting, we meet with well over 200 homeowners in the Fort Worth area about their house painting needs.  We are often asked, “Who Are The Best Painting Contractors In Dallas-Fort Worth Texas?” In an effort …Read More

  6. Is It Legal To Charge Extra For Credit Card Use

    Is It Legal To Charge Extra For Credit Card Use?  Has this happened to you before?  You just had some work done at your home (Landscaping, Painting, Roofing, etc.), and you’ve approved the work.  The next step in the process is payment for the services rendered.  At this point you whip out you…Read More

  7. Are House Painters A Commodity?

    Are House Painters A Commodity? Before Sarah and I became owners of Alliance Painting, had we done a search for house painters in the Fort Worth area, it would have become obvious there are hundreds, if not thousands of options to choose from.  It would have been very confusing to decipher who to c…Read More

  8. Do I Need To Be Home While My House Is Being Painted?

    This is a question we receive on almost every in-home consultation: Do I need to be home while my house is being painted? The answer is NO. We leave that decision up to you – we’re flexible.  In most situations we advise our clients not be home while we’re painting the home.  Of course, it…Read More