Buying a new home in the Fort Worth or Mid-Cities area?  Wanting to paint it?  Great, keep reading……

I often receive calls from clients who are preparing to close on a home they’ve just purchased.  Initially they’ll call to schedule the estimate with me, however, after asking them “when they’d like the project to start”, or “why are you painting”, they tell me they’re buying a new home that closes on the 20th, they’d like to meet me at the house on the 21st, and start the job on the 22nd.

I typically respond with, “That is all great news!  However, we currently have a 2 week lead time.  Can we meet sooner so our schedules align and we can guarantee you a spot for the 22nd?  We work on a first come, first served basis and have a 2 week lead time.”

The client has so much going on with the purchase of the new home, they aren’t necessarily considering all the variables associated with painting the house.

Here’s my 3 tips for getting your new house painted:

  1. When to Get Estimates

    • We recommend contacting your real estate agent roughly 3 weeks before you are scheduled to close on the home.  Ask them to coordinate a block of time with the seller so you can meet with your painting contractor for a quote, at your new home.  This allows ample time to receive the quote from us, digest it, and make a final decision on what you want painted, when, and with whom you are going to contract with.
  2. When to Paint

    • We recommend you have the home painted before you move in.  This strategy works in your favor in 3 ways:
      1. Less stress during the project – we aren’t disrupting your current living space & habits
      2. Less risk of damaging furniture or other belongings as the home is vacant
      3. Reduces your investment – vacant = no moving furniture around = saved time = saved $$$
  3. Other Considerations

    • Closing delays – we recommend allowing yourself a 2-3 day window to account for any delays with closing.  No keys = no access for you or us.
    • Pricing – check out our interior pricing list
    • Don’t move any belongings in until the paint job is completed.

What is the main consideration?  Timing – allow enough time to meet with us and consider possible lead times.

We look forward to working with you and congratulations on your new home purchase!



*Lead times can change at any time for various reasons.  To inquire about our current lead time contact our office @ (682) 233-2208.