This is a question all homeowners consider heavily when they’re in the market for a paint job, and frankly, is a topic we are constantly educating our clients on.  What’s more important – quality or price?

It depends on your situation.  Our market is extremely competitive – there are painters literally at every corner.  We are not the right fit for everyone.

We often ask our clients:

“When this project is completed, how will you know you hired the right painting contractor?“.

Here are the most common answers we receive:

  • Uniform finishes
  • Clean job site
  • Straight Lines
  • Good Communication
  • On Time & On Budget
  • Respectful Crew

This is a great list – as you can see price is not listed.  If you have contractors that are charging considerably less than another, there is usually a reason why.  Are they checking all the boxes that are important to you?

Reasons your contractor will charge a higher price:

  • Experience – It’s one thing to be a great salesperson, it’s another to execute on the promises made.
  • Skilled craftsman and labor  
  • Use of High Quality Products 
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Organization

If you’re wanting to work with a painting contractor that checks all the boxes and will be worth the investment, visit to schedule a time to speak with us.


Ryan Anderson