There’s a reason why professional interior painters perform top-quality work with every project. They like to employ a few little-known secrets to keep their performance at peak value while delivering on the promises to give the customer a beautifully painted interior home. While painting contractors may want to keep a few secrets to themselves, here are a few tips and tricks of the trade that they don’t mind sharing.

At Alliance Painting, we asked our interior painting experts to divulge into some of the secrets of professional painting. From beforehand cleaning tips to paint techniques on the job, here are the top 5 secrets of the industry. Read on to see what gives painters that professional edge.

1: Fix the Walls Before Painting

Professional interior painters like to look for any bumps, cracks, dents, or peels in the walls before beginning. They thoroughly assess the area and use spackle or plaster to fix any and all imperfections before preparing the surface for a new coat of paint.

2: Using the Right Kind of Paint

Professionals love to invest in the right kind of paint that will look and feel professional upon completion. But it’s not just the paint; it’s the primer, too! While homeowners use latex primers, the pros have access to more oil-based paints and primers that aren’t typically sold on the market.

3: Using the Best Tools

The pros are all about using the best equipment. They love investing in lamb’s wool rollers with a long enough nap can hold enough to paint a large surface area without leaving too much texture behind. While cheaper roller models work fine, interior painters often have a preferred brand or texture they take with them to every job.

4: Using the Best Brushes

When it comes to painting smaller areas with a brush, the pros like to use brushes with natural bristles, especially in conjunction with oil-based paints. It’s great practice for observing how bristles work on different brushes.

5: The Best Method

Most painters like to paint from the top down. This allows the paint to drip down and you don’t have to worry about pushing yourself into the paint as you work and stand on the ladder. Starting with the crown molding and working your way down is the best way to get the job done right!

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