Spring is a time of renewal and for many homeowners, a time to spruce up their homes and yards. It’s also a perfect time to repaint the exterior of your home and the interior or your home as well. But should you tackle this job yourself or should you hire a professional painting contractor? Alliance Painting serves the greater Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area with residential painting, more specifically interior and exterior painting of your home. When it comes to deciding if you should DIY on your home improvement painting, there are definitely things you should consider first. Contact us today for a free painting estimate!


  • Consider the time involved. If you’ve ever painted your home or a room in your home, then you know that painting is a labor-intensive endeavor. Consider all the preparation work involved. You have to decide what color to use for wall painting, go and get samples from the paint store to decide, test your samples, buy all the equipment to do the paint job, tape off your entire interior painting space, lay down plastic, and decide which clothes will be your paint clothes. Then you actually have to start wall painting and house painting, which will take a while. And after that, the clean-up and the touch-up. Odds are, it will take you much longer to execute your interior and exterior painting job than a professional painting service.
  • Consider the expense. We mentioned above the preparation that’s involved. In order to execute a top-quality home improvement painting job, you’re going to need the best painting equipment. This includes paint brushes, paint rollers, paint sprayer, paint roller extension pole, drop cloths, a pressure washer if you’re painting your home, painter’s tape, putty knives, safety glasses, ladders, painting overalls, and the list goes on and on. If you add up the cost of the equipment alone, you’re probably better off hiring a professional painting service such as Alliance Painting in Dallas-Fort Worth who already has all the painting equipment. Plus, after your DIY interior and exterior painting job, where are you going to store all that stuff?
  • Consider experience. When was the last time you painted? If your answer to this question is a 5th grade science project, perhaps it’s time to cut your losses before you even begin and hire a professional painting service. Painting is a skill (as any art museum around the world exhibits), which takes time to master. The ability to paint in a straight line quickly and accurately takes hours of practice. Your home is where your heart lies, and you want it to look nice. Experts estimate that painting the exterior of your home adds $6,000 in value so you want it to look nice. There is a big difference between slapping a coat of paint on and having a professional painting contractor create a work of art with crisp lines and beautiful, smooth texture.

Alliance Painting in Colleyville, Texas, believes in doing the simple things with excellence. We offer free painting estimates and give you a Transformation Plan that entails pre-planning your interior or exterior painting job, consulting on colors with our ColorShrink, and then giving you the best painting service. We offer a lifetime warranty on our interior painting services because we believe in our superior painting services. Contact us today for your free painting estimate!