On average, I compile and present 12-15 house painting estimates every week, therefore, I see many proposals from my competitors.  The price of the paint project is always a consideration, however, if you’re considering a painting contractor that does this one thing, watch out!

What’s that one thing?  Asking clients to provide the paint.

This approach to selling a paint job looks appealing on the surface as the total project price “appears” to be less expensive than others. Contact us today for more information.

Here’s Why You Should Avoid These Painting Companies

Here are 4 reasons you should be concerned with a painting contractor that requires you to pay for the paint:

  1. You assume the risk

    • If they do a poor job painting and have re-work, guess who’s responsible to pay for the additional paint needed to re-paint the house?  You!  Who would pay for the paint if a warranty issue arises and needs to be fixed?  You!
  2. The overall health of the company

    • Most painting contractors have line’s of credit established with paint providers – if your contractor doesn’t have an account established, how would they pay for warranty work?  Do they pay their bills?  Why can’t they get a line of credit?  Do they have no cash on hand?  These are all questions you should consider.
  3.  Time Investment

    • Your time is valuable, you don’t have any to waste.  You have a job, family/kids, a grocery store visit in your future, the list goes on.  Do you want to make multiple trips to the paint store when your painting contractor needs more paint?  They’ll typically wait until they’re completely out of paint before they’ll ask for more.  You may be in the middle of lunch, at a Dr’s Appt, or getting your message.  Do you want to rush to the paint store to fulfill the order?   
  4. Wasted Money

    • Over-ordering – wasting paint & money is highly likely in this situation.  You’ll likely ask how much paint you should buy before the project starts.  The contractor says “20 gallons”.  After completion, you find out they only used 15 gallons.  At $50/gallon, $250 goes a long way!  Eeeeek!  

You can see how this approach can look appealing during the bid process, but how quickly it can turn into a bad experience for you.

Contact Alliance Painting For Your Painting Services

Here at Alliance Painting, we provide turn-key estimates that include paint and all other necessary materials to produce your project.  We assume all the risk associated with your project, we provide a warranty, and are extremely organized so you have a great experience! Learn more about our painting services here.

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