My name is Ryan Anderson. My wife Sarah and I own Alliance Painting. We are originally from the Boise Idaho area. I attended Boise State University, attaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Sarah is the love of my life. We met in High School in the early 2000s, however, didn’t date until almost 10 years later. The next couple months were amazing as we spent much time together – it didn’t take long for me to realize she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I proposed to her in Hawaii in 2010 and were married later that year.

We have two beautiful daughters, Baylee and Bree. We have one son, our pooch Bandit! After college, I worked for several years for various companies as a Plant Controller, managing accounting departments for large manufacturing facilities. My main focus was on financial analysis and problem solving.

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Before Our Painting Company…

Prior to opening our business, I worked for Georgia-Pacific, at their Lumber & Plywood facility in Gurdon Arkansas. When we started this business we only had limited painting experience (Painting our own home), but I knew I was ready to be a business owner. I felt I brought a unique skill set to the industry from my diverse background in production management, customer service, and finance that would provide a great experience for our clients.

We moved to Texas in 2014. Two years later – we’ve delivered on this. It didn’t come without some “ups and downs”. As is the case with any new venture, there is a learning curve. We’ve made mistakes, we’ve been confused at times, and we’ve been pushed to our limits. All that being said, it’s these times where we take advantage of the situation to learn and grow. We are resilient and find that our failures are not failures, but an opportunity to grow both in our business and personally.

We joined institutions such as PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America) that provide procedural and ethical guidance for our business.

In any service related industry, there are many variables to consider – in our industry every client is different. Since opening, we’ve completed a multitude of projects and have a wide range of experience and knowledge that allows us to service all our varying clients. In 2016, 20% of our business came from repeat customers – I’m extremely proud of this considering we’ve been in business for only two years. We’re grateful for your support!

Clients ask me often, “Why Painting?”

The answer is plain and simple: I never thought I’d own a painting company – it’s interesting how your life evolves and we end up in places and professions we never thought possible. Traditionally, painters don’t have the best reputation. They are known for being late, not delivering on what they promised, and having an overall unprofessional approach to business. I entered into this business to change that!

We deliver a great experience for all our clients. We have a set of core values that enable us to consistently deliver a great experience for our clients.

We are passionate about your project! Contact us today for a free painting estimate.