Although it is possible to paint brick, it’s generally not recommended on a DIY basis. There are many things to consider, but when done by a professional, painted brick can look great and be safe too. Alliance Painting knows the difference between harmful paints and safe ones, so we can help give your brick an aesthetic overhaul like no other. 


Is It Bad To Paint Brick?

It is bad to paint brick if you’re using general paint. However, there are breathable, natural paints that professional painters use that are safe for the brick itself. General paint can cause all sorts of issues that can easily be avoided by using the correct product. It’s time to prove the old cliche wrong, and show the world that you can paint your brick. 


But Why Can’t I Use A General Paint on Brick?

Bricks absorb moisture from many different places; the air and even the soil on the ground can cause moisture to rise through the bricks, creating damp. In cold winters, damp walls can deteriorate, causing more than a few issues. Using general paint on your brick means that the moisture that would generally be absorbed through natural surroundings will be trapped inside the brick. 


Careful Materials for Brick Painting

It’s clear that it’s important to use the correct type of paint for your bricks, but what exactly does that mean? Mineral paints allow the brick to breathe naturally, releasing the moisture that may have seeped in while also acting as a barrier for those pesky outside moisture sources too. 


Benefits of Good Masonry Paint

Using the correct, careful materials to paint your property can have so many benefits. With a large variety of colors to choose from, you can stand out from your neighbors and show your personality off. Using good quality masonry paint also protects your home from the elements, meaning you will have fewer repairs and better-looking property for longer.


Brick painting can give your exterior a fresh new look if done correctly. Alliance Painting in Dallas-Fort Worth knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to masonry paint, so reach out to us today to discuss your property and what we can do to help you revamp your space.