I’ve been there before – you receive 3-4 quotes from different painting companies.  Each contractor has a different methodology and structure for the bid and bid process.  Amidst all the variations, how do you make any sense of this?  The key – try to align the quotes to achieve an “apples to apples” comparison.
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Compare Your Painting Companies

Once you have all the bids compiled, you’ll likely have a wide range of pricing to consider.  Here’s how to decipher the bids:
  • Make sure everyone is applying the same number of coats
  • Make sure everyone has the same scope outlined and make sure it’s clearly documented before you sign the contract.  If it’s not in writing, they aren’t liable to do the work – this adds confusion and likely unplanned expense
  • Understand what types of paint each contractor is using.  Call the paint provider (Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, etc.) or a trusted friend or family member that has knowledge of paint to get feedback on the quality of the products
  • Prep work – this is an underrated portion of every paint project – make sure the contractor is preparing your home (flooring, light fixtures, and furniture) and surfaces properly, prior to painting.
Once you’re comfortable that you understand what all the bids are comprised of, it’s time to select your painting contractor.  Find out more on the selection process here.

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