Has this happened to you before?  You hire a contractor to perform work in your home.  Communication and follow up is great up until you hire the contractor and sign the contract.  What happens next is frustrating…

After the sale has been secured you rarely hear from the contractor, in fact, you have to reach out to them for clarification.  You feel as though you’re not important anymore – the contractor has moved on to other prospects.

You’re waiting for a start date…unbeknownst to you, the project has been scheduled.  You receive a call at 9am on Monday.  It’s the contractor informing you the crew will be to your house in 15 minutes…..what???  You had no idea when they were coming, despite many attempts to contact the contractor for scheduling.

Then when they arrive, they tear up your house…..you’re totally unprepared for this.  You’re stressed and upset!  Sound fun?

Oh wait, it gets worse.  The second day, the crew doesn’t show up as promised.  The same thing repeats itself on and off for two weeks.  Sound frustrating???

This happened to me recently.

I am continually learning how we can improve our business and your experience – the experiences I have with other contractors shape our business and culture.

How Is Alliance Painting Different?

Here’s what you get with our painting services:

  • Effective communication – we inform you of changes, start dates, and we inform you (via checklists) what needs to be completed by you prior to project start
  • Execution – 99% of the time, we meet or beat our estimated project timelines and quality expectations.  That said, we’re not perfect.  Sometimes projects don’t go as planned.  We do everything we can to satisfy our clients.

Although we focus a lot of attention to our sales process, we equally focus on your experience during the project.  If we don’t execute, you won’t be happy and our reputation will diminish severely.

Our motto – “Our reputation is more valuable than money”.

We will take great care of you and your home. Contact us today to get started.