Here at Alliance Painting, we are a Colleyville painting company that offers exterior, interior, and cabinet painting services. We have served over 3,800 homes in the area, helping them choose and implement stylish colors and patterns onto their house. We are proud to be a part of the community in Colleyville, Texas. Here, we thought we would list a few fun facts about our home town.


Colleyville isn’t some major city with a rich national heritage, but that does not mean that we are not proud of our history. The town of Colleyville emerged from a series of small settlements along what used to be known as the Cotton Belt Route. Originally, the town was actually called Bransford, when one Dr Lilburn Howard Colley moved there in 1880. Dr Lilburn Howard Colley was a prominent physician in the area, and a decorated veteran of the Union Army. When another mainstay of the town, Walter G. Couch, opened a popular grocery store close to Colley’s home, the community decided to rename the town Colleyville in his honor.


Colleyville is currently home to 22,807 people according to the 2010 census, including 7,913 households and 7,001 families. With a total area of 13.1 square miles, the city averages 1,741 people per square mile. 40.1 percent of households have families with young children, and 81.6 percent of households belong to married couples that are living together. The median age in Colleyville is 45.5 years old.

Government Leaders

Colleyville runs on a council-manager type government, with decisions made by an elected city council. This council is made up of a mayor, six at large council members, as well as a city manager that is chosen by the rest of the council. As with almost all suburban cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Colleyville tends to vote overwhelmingly Republican.


Colleyville high schoolers will, for the most part, attend the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District, which feeds into two different high schools. Both Colleyville Heritage High School and Grapevine High School are highly recommended by various national news outlets. There is a small section in Northwestern Colleyville that pulls kids into the Keller Independent School, which does have one campus in the city.


Colleyville is located between two major airports in the Metroplex, DFW International Airport and Dallas Love Field. The Grapevine Vintage Railroad also runs through the city, running from Grapevine to Fort Worth. Two major state highways run through the city, Texas State Highway 26 and Texas State Highway 121. For cyclists, the town offers an eleven mile bicyclist trail along the former Cotton Belt Route, and the Colleyville Nature Center has a short hiking trail.


Hopefully you have enjoyed learning a little bit about our town! If you are looking for a painting company in Colleyville, trust the professionals at Alliance Painting. We offer interior, exterior, and furniture painting services. Please give us a call for more information about how we can improve your home’s look; we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.