I meet with potential clients every day about their painting projects.  I ask them all the same question, “Who painted your house last time?”, and “How was your experience last time?”
Some were happy with the last job, but simply can’t remember who the company/individual was who did the work.  Most aren’t happy, though, which is why they’re getting bids from other companies now. Once I understand their prior experiences, I ask them “What went wrong?”

Top Three Answers

Below are the top 3 answers I receive:
  1. Accuracy:  The price that was quoted originally wasn’t accurate so the price increased dramatically upon job start as we found out they didn’t include items we assumed were included.
  2. Transparency:  The contractor didn’t prepare me for what to expect, they didn’t let me know what the lead time was for project start, or nobody would speak English on the crew.
  3. Execution:  The contractor said it would take 4 days to complete.  It ended up taking 2 weeks due to painters not showing up for days at a time, re-work, and no management of the painters during the project.

Our Three Takeaways

  1. It’s critical for the contractor to be as detailed as possible to avoid potential miscommunication and unplanned expenses for the client.
  2. Interior painting especially is very invasive to the client.  Preparing them for what to expect with the process and how the project will be executed is very important.  Going into a painting project blind can be very frustrating for clients.
  3. Hire a contractor that specifies how he’ll get the job done in the budgeted time frame.
Lastly, I tell many clients the following:  Your investment will be less if you hire a contractor to do the job right the first time.  Painting your house twice, due to a sloppy job, costs more in the long run.
So, although hiring the right contractor might cost more, you get what you pay for.
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