When Sarah and I first started Alliance Painting in 2014 we were just wanting to make a living.  We had no idea how our residential painting business would transform our lives and how we viewed the contracting industry.  What is our noble painting purpose?

The Path to Our Noble Painting Purpose

We knew we had a long way to go to be an elite residential painting company in our market.  So we decided to list out all the things we weren’t good at or what frustrated our clients, based on their feedback, about other contractors.

Here’s the list of things contractors aren’t good at:
  • Returning Phone Calls
  • Meeting timelines
  • Communication
  • Transparency
  • Showing Up On Time
  • Honesty
  • Follow Up
  • Timely Submission of quotes
  • Organization
  • Final Price Matching Quote

The list goes on.  Most of the items listed above were things we weren’t good at either, for some time.  We’ve found that the best way to differentiate ourselves from “the bad contractors” is to do the little things REALLY well.

Some time ago, we decided to found out what our purpose was.  What was our “story”?  How do we change the overall perception of the trades?

We asked ourselves 3 questions

  1. How do we make a difference?
  2. How do we do it differently than our competition?
  3. On our best day, what do we love about our job?

Our Noble Painting Purpose

In short:  To redefine the contracting industry.  The long answer?

  1.  Organization:  We make a difference by being extremely organized; always being ahead of the curve with communication and setting expectations.  Our goal is for you to always know, “What’s happening next”.
  2. Processes & Procedures:  We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of quality and service.  To achieve this, we execute on our sales and production process the same way every time.  This ensures tight control over quality, no changes to the scope/cost of the project (unless the client asks for more to be painted), and a happy client.
  3. We LOVE learning what we can do better, always improving.  Listen, we’re not perfect and we embrace that fact.  We LOVE to continuously improve our process to exceed the expectations of our clients.  We LOVE delivering on what we say we’ll do.

It’s simple, we humbly approach our business to improve every day.  We love the aspect of change.  Bottom line, we are passionate about our business, our team, and your home.