The short answer on interior painting projects?  It depends on what you’re painting.

Let me explain.  We typically repaint existing homes, therefore, we’re painting over the last “painters” work.  Why is this important?

Unless you’re painting everything in your home (walls, ceilings, trim, and doors) its very difficult to achieve a “new” look.

Here’s my 4 reasons why:

  1. Clean Lines

    • If you only paint the walls & ceilings in your home you’re leaving the trim and doors as they are.  If the previous interior painter didn’t have a steady hand with his/her cut-ins (either with the trim paint or they got wall paint on the trim) it can impact the final look of your new paint job.  To achieve crisp, clean lines, it’s best to paint your trim along with your walls and ceilings if you are looking for crisp lines.  It’s very difficult to remedy sloppy lines from a previous painter if we’re not painting all surfaces.
  2. Dungy & Dirty Trim


    • We all know that your baseboards & doors take a beating.  Over time they accumulate dirt, the paint fades and/or yellows, and this all can be accentuated if you have animals (hair, scratches, etc).  Again, if you don’t paint your trim along with your walls, it leaves much to be desired.  Your walls look vibrant and fresh, your trim looks old and dungy.  When an interior painting project is completed, you want to be happy.
  3. Budget

    • Everyone always has budgetary concerns with any interior painting project.  Obviously the more surfaces you add to the paint project, your investment increases.  That said, the more you do, the investment per area or room tends to decrease.  If you want to break up the project into “phases”, your investment after everything has been completed will be substantially higher than doing it all at the same time.  In short, your money will go further if you paint everything and you will be happier with your investment when we’re done.  Check out our interior painting pricing list
  4. Pre-Existing Damage

    • If your trim, doors or other surfaces (walls, ceilings, etc) have dents, gouges, holes, cracks, etc., we try our best to make them look better.  We have some nifty tricks but it likely won’t look brand new.

We love to paint any surface in your home.  A large part of our job is to educate our clients and set reasonable expectations given the project scope and current condition of the home.

Here’s what you should have ready for your interior painting estimate

We look forward to working with you on your next interior painting project!