Prior to being a Painting Contractor in the DFW market, Sarah and I hired a professional painting company to paint our new home in Utah.  Knowing nothing about the interior painting process, I was critiquing the painters work before they were done.  I remember how stressed I was about the paint job not looking up to par.  What I didn’t realize; I was trying to pick apart an incomplete paint job.  Why was I so worried?  Well, I didn’t understand the interior painting process at the time.

Interior painting is a process and the appearance will not look finished until, well you guessed it, the painters are 100% complete with the project.

Why is that?

If Alliance Painting is contracted to paint your entire home (walls, ceilings, and trim/doors), the crew will have a process of what surfaces get painted first and last.  Typically the trim and doors will be the last surface to receive paint.  Until the last surface is painted, the overall crispness and look of the paint job will leave you wanting more.

What do folks expect in a high quality interior paint job?

  • Crisp, straight lines
  • Complete and uniform coverage of the surfaces painted

For comparison purposes, every vehicle GM manufactures goes through a detailed process.  Me picking apart my unfinished interior paint job would be similar to an expectation of having my new Chevrolet vehicle drive off the showroom floor without the engine installed – not realistic.  The engine of your vehicle is the keystone to your car functioning and serving it’s purpose for you.

The same holds true for your interior paint project.  Crisp, straight lines won’t be achieved until all surfaces have been painted and touch-ups have been completed.  As the old saying goes:  “I wish I knew then what I know now”

At Alliance Painting, we have crafted a proprietary interior painting process to ensure high quality results.  We educate our clients through the entire process so you know what to expect.  Our testimonials indicate our level of execution on every project.