What does our interior painting preparation look like?

I sympathize – you care deeply for your home and your personal belongings.  Your home is your biggest investment and I’d ask the same questions to a contractor coming into my home.

Below are my 4 tips for masking off and preparing for your interior painting project.

  1. Floor Covering
    • Our team completely cover all tile and hardwoods with builders paper
  2. Furniture Protection
    • All furniture will be covered and protected with plastic and/or drop cloths
  3. Kitchen Appliances & Counter tops
    • All surfaces will be covered and protected with paper and/or plastic
  4. Ceiling Fans & Chandeliers
    • If ceilings are to be painted, we will cover and protect ceiling fans and other decorative lighting fixtures with plastic

Alliance Painting only uses new, unused masking materials for your home.  We don’t bring in dusty & dirty drop cloths from other job sites to prep off your house.  I’ve discussed what your painting contractor should provide you here.

Any reputable painter should completely cover and protect all flooring, furniture, light fixtures, and appliances in the areas to be worked in.


  1. Drips
    • Our Painters completely mask off and cover your home with plastic or paper.  That being said, we are painting in your home.  For transparency, we’re not perfect and neither is the plastic & paper we use..  I love to educate and set expectations with our clients – it’s reasonable to assume that several small drips or flakes of paint will get on some surfaces, mainly floors but sometimes a drip will be found on counter tops and furniture.  We do our best to catch all these items during the detail phase and final walk through of our projects.
  2. Cleaning
    • We advise our clients to consider having the house professionally cleaned after we’re finished with your color transformation.  We do sweep and vacuum in the areas we’re working in, however, there will likely be dust and other dry paint remnant after we leave.

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