Are you thinking about giving your home interior an update?  A fresh coat of paint can instantly change the look of your home.  Before picking out a new shade for a room, use our guide below to decide what type of sheen to use for your interior painting project.

Types of Sheen

When deciding what type of paint you’ll use for interior painting projects, you’ll have several sheens to choose from. Knowing your options, the differences between them, and which sheen works best for each space will save you time and money when you arrive at the store to make your purchase.  The following are the sheens you’ll typically be choosing from.

  • Semi-Gloss: this option gives a bright look, is durable, and is easy to clean
  • Satin/Eggshell: the most versatile option, offering a blend of durability, and a classic look
  • Low Gloss:  provides softness and durability
  • Flat or Matte: this sheen provides a smooth surface but is difficult to clean

Painting High Traffic Areas

When choosing your sheen, consider how much traffic your surface will see. In areas that will be affected by a lot of fingerprints, dirt, dust, and bumps from objects, a higher shine will offer more durability. Kitchens, children’s bedrooms, hallways, and trim do best with satin and semi-gloss sheens. These areas can be easily wiped down when it’s time to clean marks, spills, and splatters.

Painting Low Traffic Areas

In rooms like adult bedrooms and home offices, less activity means you can opt for a less glossy finish.  Matte and eggshell sheens can be used to create a more elegant look. Ceilings should also have a matte finish.  Using high-quality paint will help improve durability.

When choosing a sheen for interior painting, keep a simple formula in mind. High sheen means higher durability. Consider how much action your room will see and choose accordingly to keep your surfaces looking their best.

We feel that Satin/Eggshell is the most versatile option as it achieves a more “homey” feel while also offering durability for your paint job.

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