I would guess that 50 percent of the paint projects I bid on the client has plans to also replace the flooring.  The obvious question in this scenario is, what comes first?  Paint or new flooring?  It’s a confusing process and decision for homeowners as there are unavoidable risks to consider when making the final decision.  I’m a believer that every decision we make involves pros and cons.

Below I’ll detail out what answer has more pros, but if you’re looking for high-quality interior painting services in Colleyville and surrounding DFW area, contact us today.

Quick Answer: Paint After!

Painting is a process that finishes out the transformation of your home.  It’s always best to paint after your new flooring has been installed.  Clients are concerned about paint being spilled on the new floor, which is a valid concern.

However, if you decide to paint before your flooring is installed, there are a number of risks you should consider first.

  1. The installers use certain metal tools that can easily scratch the walls or trim – if damage occurs after we paint, touch-up work may be required.
  2. The new flooring typically meets up with the baseboards – during the installation process there is a high likelihood that the paint will be damaged.
  3. The height of the new flooring may differ from the old flooring.  Why does this matter?  If you paint your baseboards before you replace your flooring, the new flooring might not be as thick as the old flooring.  This could leave a portion of your baseboard unpainted and would clearly be visible.  It could have not been exposed with the old flooring, but exposed with the new flooring.  Uniformity is key to a great final product.
  4. You also might have to lower the baseboards after new flooring is installed, which requires a complete removal and re-installation.  This would most likely require some light drywall and caulk work.

We’ve had clients insist we paint there baseboards prior to new flooring being installed as they are concerned we’ll spill paint on the new floor.  What happens?  The freshly painted baseboards are damaged.  We are then called back our to repaint all the baseboards again and the client pays a professional to paint the surfaces twice.

What Clients Worry About?

Understandably so, clients are worried about a paint contractor spilling paint on their brand new floor.  Valid!  If you hire a professional paint company, like Alliance Painting, you can be rest assured that we’ll thoroughly protect your new floor and other furniture in case an accident happens.  We lay down a protective layer of plastic or builders paper that is designed to prevent paints from seeping through to your flooring.

We take great care in protecting whats most valuable to you – your home!

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