At Alliance Painting, we take pride in the fact that when we come out for an in-home consultation, we provide a proposal (not an estimate) before we leave your home. We honor the quoted price based on the current scope.

How Do You Come Up With a Price?

There are many factors that impact the pricing of an interior paint job.  The most common factors include what you’re wanting to be painted.  Walls are the most common substrate we paint, however, other substrates such as baseboards, crown molding, doors & door casings and window sills will inflate the price.  Other factors to consider when evaluating what you should budget for your interior paint job:

  • Room size & ceiling height
  • Number of Windows in the room (discussed later)
  • How much furniture is in the space
  • Drywall/settling cracks that you may want to be repaired
  • Condition of Trim
  • Number of Doors and Casings

Why Does The Number of Windows Inflate the Price?

Often my clients assume that in rooms where there are a lot of windows that this will decrease the cost of the room since the area where the windows are will not be painted (no wall surface).  This is a common misconception – here’s why.  Imagine you’re painting a room with one window.  You only have to cut-in and prep/cover that single window and are allowed to use a roller on the remaining walls.  Now imagine you’re painting that same room with six windows.  Now you have to prep off and cut-in 6 windows – this significantly increases the amount of time it takes to paint that room.  The majority of the cost of your paint job will be tied up in the labor to produce the job.

How Are Doors Priced?

Another item for discussion are doors and how we price them out.  My clients often seem surprised to find out that we price outdoors by side.  The reason we do this is often times people don’t want to paint closets or they don’t want to paint the exterior side of doors painted.  It allows for flexibility & efficiency during the quote process and allows for a customized quote that fits your needs.

To see our general guidelines for interior paint prices, go here.

In general, there are many factors that influence the overall pricing of your paint project – we highly recommend you allow us to meet with you and provide you with a quote.  You can schedule your free in-home consultation using the booking feature at the bottom of any page on our website.

Happy holidays! Contact us today to get your free estimate for your interior painting project.