Here at Alliance Painting, we are proud to help the residents of DFW improve the look of their homes with quality exterior and interior painting services. We are building up our business the right way, through our community, one exceptional paint job at a time. Ask one of our previous happy clients about our work! In the meantime, we thought we would list some fun paint facts for your enjoyment.

Color of Royalty

Ever wonder why kings and queens of old are always depicted wearing purple? That is because purple was once heavily associated with royalty. That is because only the extremely wealth used to be able to afford purple dyes. For a little perspective on how hard these dyes were to create, consider that during Roman times, in order to create just one pound of purple dye, it required servants taking days upon days of crushing up to four million mollusk shells. For many centuries, it would be almost inconceivable for any but the highest classes to be seen wearing purple.

Highest House in the Nation

Ever wondered how big of a job painting the White House is? Just to put a coat of paint on the exterior, it takes 570 gallons of paint. If the average house needs to be repainted every five years, and the White House began construction in 1792, that would add up to about 46 coats, or 26,220 gallons of paint.

The Painted Iceberg

Back in 2004, famed Chilean artist Marco Evaristti took on a project where he used three fire hoses to spray 3,000 liters of bright red paint pigment onto the tip of an Iceberg in Greenland. NBC News covered the story.

Where There’s a Will

Spray paint may seem like the type of invention that was created on accident, but it was actually made for a specific purpose. During construction of the Chicago World’s Fair, Francis Davis Millet was credited with the creation of spray paint for the purpose of making the tight deadlines imposed on the construction crew.

Oil and Water

Unlike other types of paint, oil paint does not “dry”. Instead, oil paint goes through a hardening process due to oxidation. This process can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to an entire year, after which the paint is varnished for preservation.

Oldest Oil Paintings

When people think oil painting, they often think Renaissance. But actually the oldest known extant oil painting were found in Afghanistan’s Bamiyan caves. They were Buddhist murals that date back all the way to 7th century CE.


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