The client / contractor relationship is one of trust.  It’s similar to having your friend or a relative stand behind you, with your back to them.  They tell you to fall backwards and promise to catch you.  It’s hard to trust anyone with your physical well being, right?  I don’t think the client / house painting contractor is much different.

As a house painting contractor, I see many of my competitors proposals.  Often times without even asking, the client will tell me about the methods for measuring and/or providing the estimate from other contractors they’ve met with already.  It is very telling sometimes why there are huge variations in pricing – keep reading!

Given the large numbers of house painting contractors in our area, each painting contractor likely has their own process and methodology when compiling house painting estimates.

At minimum, to insure pricing & scope accuracy, your house painting contractor should do these two things every time:

  1. Take Detailed Measurements

    • If you’re looking to have your whole home painted, it’s crucial the contractor does a detailed walk/inspection of your property.  There are two reasons this is important
      1. Drywall Repairs – if they don’t spend the time to do a detailed inspection they will likely miss cracks that you’d like fixed.  They won’t include these in the estimate.  When the project starts, you’ll likely be facing a change order and unplanned expense to remedy these issues.
      2. Measurements – if the painting contractor doesn’t take detailed measurements this likely results in an estimate that isn’t detailed or accurate.  Remember:  if it’s not in writing, they aren’t liable to do the work.  Never assume something is included.  Get it in writing before you sign the contract.
  2. Provide Detailed Proposals/Contracts

    • If scope is not outlined in detail or is vague, it will likely cause confusion when the project is being produced – this typically results in unplanned expense for the homeowner.  Alliance Painting always provides a detailed scope outline for each room/area that includes line item detail and the number of coats of paint to be applied
    • Contracts need to be detailed (warranty periods, payment terms, etc)

We strive to earn your trust with our comprehensive proposals and contracts.  We believe that trust is earned via transparency and execution.  We’ll catch your fall.