House Painting is a highly competitive market in Dallas Fort-Worth.  House painters are on every corner, it seems.  It’s often overlooked by many clients but, all painters are not created equal.  Here’s why!

During my initial consultation appointment with my clients I always assume two things (my assumption is correct more often than not):

  1. The client is planning to or has already received multiple quotes.  I’ve heard of some receiving 10 quotes for the same project – wow!
  2. Most clients are looking for the most “bang for their buck”.  I’m the same way!

That being said, we have to differentiate ourselves very well to win projects.  Given that our clients are making a decision mostly based on there interaction during a 30 minute consultation appt, along with the standard bullet points:

  • Quality
  • Timeline to start work
  • Price
  • Cleanliness of crew
  • etc, etc, etc.

We ask our clients to consider:  “what happens after you’ve signed the contract”?

*Click here to see what every painting contractor should provide you with their quote.

Most clients don’t consider this much as there focus during the decision making process is centered around the bullet point list above.  Here at Alliance Painting, we’ve devoted countless hours to refine our process for project execution.  We’ve developed a proprietary process that allows everyone to understand timelines, due dates, and expectations.  We are a fully transparent House Painting Contractor that is very concerned about winning your business, but more importantly, executing and delivering a great experience for you every time.  Communication is critical to project execution.

I highly recommend that when you meet with any contractor that you understand what the company’s processes are for keeping you updated and informed at all times.

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