Are you looking for an exterior painting service in Colleyville, Tx or the surrounding area? If so, you are in the right place. Here at Alliance Painting, we have helped over 3,800 people realize the full potential of their homes. Give us a call for more information about how our exterior or interior painting services can benefit you. In the meantime, we want to go over how sun affects the exterior paint on your home.


Especially for dark colors, when direct sunlight hits your paint, it can get really hot. Pockets of air in a paint job can be damaging enough, but when they are heated up by direct sunlight, they bubble and cause a blister in the paint. These heat blisters can leave unsightly bare patches on your walls.


If blistering paint is left to fester, especially in heavy wind or rain, eventually the paint will start to physically separate from your siding. As this happens, the paint will become more and more susceptible to sun blistering, creating a vicious cycle. Once the painting on your siding has started peeling, it is likely that you will need it repainted completely to fix the unsightly areas.


Paint, like most colored materials, slowly decays under the presence of UV light. This happens so gradually that it is probably not something you will notice until your paint is significantly faded. However, extremely dark and light colors do tend to fade much faster than other colors.


Paint functions more than as an aesthetic; it actually helps form a cohesive surface and protective barrier around your home. Besides the vicious cycle of blistering, peeling, and blistering again, once your paint starts to crack, your siding becomes vulnerable to moisture, and you can risk water damage and even rotting.


Chalking is a much rarer side effect of sun exposure than other entries on this list, but it can happen when the sun’s ultraviolet rays interact with the chemical makeup of your exterior paint (depending on the brand). This reaction can leave a thin layer of filmy, dusty residue, or chalk. Before repainting, you will need a professional to remove this layer of film from your siding, or you could have serious problems with paint peeling later.

Preventing Sun Damage

Sun damage can be mitigated in all kinds of ways. The first is by hiring a qualified professional exterior painter like you will find at Alliance Painting. Improper coating can lead to problems popping up much quicker. The second is by choosing the right kind of paint brand. For instance, high quality acrylic latex paint tends to do great in the sun, as it has durable pigments as well as a binder that prevents it from breaking up under exposure to UV light. Your exterior painting contractor should be knowledgeable enough to walk you through the best potential brand choices.


Are you looking for exterior painting services in Colleyville, Tx or the surrounding areas, but want to make sure that the paint you choose can hold up against the suns rays? Alliance Painting can help. Our knowledgeable technicians will assist you in choosing the perfect exterior paint brand for your home. We have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right, on time, the first time.

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