We had our house professionally painted five years ago when we were residing in Salt Lake City.  When it came time to approve the work the painters looked at us with this sort of blank stare and asked: “Everything good?”.

My reply, “Yeah, I guess.” I thought we’d have a formal inspection to knock out any punch-list items.  I didn’t really know what to look for at the time.  After the job was done, I found many “light spots” on the walls that we ended up taking care of ourselves.

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A Checklist For Your Final Inspection

Regardless of the house painting contractor you hire, there should be some sort of “walk through”, or inspection that is conducted to make sure the paint job is satisfactory to you and the company.

Here are my 5 tips for your final inspection:

  1. Be Honest and Don’t be Shy

    • Many people are uncomfortable telling a house painter “this doesn’t look so good”.  Don’t be shy, we’re never perfect even after we’ve completed our inspection.  Here at Alliance Painting, we want you to be happy.  We depend on your honest feedback.  This allows us the opportunity to rectify minor issues and touchups, because they happen.
  2. It’s best to conduct the final inspection directly after the painters are done:

    • For purposes of efficiency and ease of touch-ups being uniform in appearance.  The sooner you touch-up a surface after initial paint application, the higher likelihood the touch-up won’t be visible after it’s been completed.  Touch-ups that aren’t uniform result in having to re-paint walls, which typically results in unplanned expense for you.
  3. Make sure everyone is present for the inspection:

    •   The more eyes you have to find light spots or issues during this process, the better
  4. Light Spots – Where are they most common?

    • the inner portions of window drywall
    • around cabinets
    • directly above baseboards
    • directly below crown molding
    • both sides of chair rail molding
    • window frames
  5. Left-Over Paint & Colors

    • Make sure the house painting contractor leaves you a small portion of paint for touch-up
    • Make sure your painting contractor leaves you with the colors you used for the paint.  This is very helpful if you ever need or decide to re-paint your home the same color.

It’s critical you have an opportunity to inspect the work your house painting contractor did for you prior to final payment.  Follow these guidelines and you’ll be fine! Happy painting!

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