I often arrive to estimate appointments with clients who know they want to paint their house, but they often don’t consider all they might want to be painted in advance of meeting with contractors.  They may know they want to paint the walls, but don’t consider how the ceilings will look after a color change on the walls, or how dingy they baseboards and doors may look after a fresh coat of paint is applied to the walls.

Why is this important? There are two reasons:

  1. Apples to Apples:  If you’re getting multiple bids, it’s important to have the scope outlined ahead of time so you have a true “apples to apples” comparison when you start comparing the bids. If the scope for each contractor is different it can get very confusing and time-consuming to make sense of what each painting contractor is offering for the quoted price.
  2. Efficiency:  Everyone is busy and meeting with contractors is a time-consuming endeavor.  If you get 3 house painting bids, you’re likely going to spend 6-8 hours (across multiple days) of your time during this process (not including the comparison/selection process).  We’re also busy and likely have appointments set up after yours.  If you have the scope outlined ahead of time, the bid process is much smoother and more efficient for both parties.  We love to help you with this process.

Here’s 4 things you should have ready before you meet with house painting contractors:

  1. Scope:  Try to have a clear understanding of what you’d like painted.
  2. Timeline:  Have a general idea of when you’d like to have the work completed.  Some companies may have a lead-time that doesn’t align with your needs.  This will help you save time as you won’t meet with a painting contractor that can’t meet your timeline.
  3. Colors:  Have a general idea of where you’re going with color.  This will help fine-tune your estimate.  If you’re looking to keep the colors and finish the same it may only require one coat.  If you’re looking to drastically change colors it may require a prime coat.  All of this impacts scope and price.
  4. Experience:  We focus heavily on your experience – we feel it’s crucial you know what’s important to you.  Do you want a house painter that communicates well?  Are you more concerned with the price?  Understanding what is most important to you will help you select the right house painting contractor.

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