One of the more popular questions I get asked about our exterior painting services in Colleyville is, “How much do you think it would cost?”

Alliance Painting adopts a culture of transparency, therefore, we have like to share our pricing structure.  As is always the case, there are many variables that impact the price of hiring a professional painter like Alliance Painting to paint your home. Contact us today for more information.

A Breakdown Of Exterior Painting Pricing

What factors into your exterior painting project in Colleyville?

The condition of the substrates:  Maintaining your home is very similar to maintaining your vehicle – if you fail to change the oil (maintain) as prescribed, you will likely have a mechanical catastrophe on your hands.  These catastrophes typically cost far more than the prescribed maintenance would have.  Your home is no different.  You should have your home painted every 12 years or so.

Carpentry Work:  Not only is paint cosmetic, but it is also what protects your siding and trim from the elements.  If you have extended your existing paint job beyond the prescribed life, you likely have wood that has dry/wet rot, requiring replacement.  This is the most common item that inflates the cost of your paint job substantially.  Where possible, we recommend you replace any wood/composite siding with Hardie siding or trim.

What’s the Story here?:  Another item for discussion would be the size of your home and the number of stories.  1-story homes are inherently less expensive as we can move through the project faster.  2-story homes require ladder moves and are more dangerous due to height.  You can expect 2-story homes to inflate the pricing by 25% or so.

Lastly, preparing your home for paint is critical to utilizing the full life of your paint job.

See our list of helpful tips below:

  • Pressure Wash all surfaces to be painted
  • Use a quality caulk to seal the house and prevent future water damage – we recommend Sherwin Williams Sher-Max or 1050QD
  • Cover windows and brick with plastic to prevent overspray
  • Ensure temperatures are suited for paint (40-80 degrees)

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