Image of the exterior of a beautiful limewashed brick home in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Do you have a brick home that you want to improve the aesthetic appeal of, and protect for many years to come? Limewashing offers a great solution that offers a number of benefits. In today’s post from Alliance Painting, we are going to look at the different benefits as well as discuss some of the common concerns that come with limewashing a home. Get in touch with our team of professional painters in the Dallas-Fort Worth area today for more information! 


#1 Easy to Apply

For many centuries, the look of limewashed brick has been admired, but extremely hard to achieve without natural deterioration. With our advanced limewashing techniques, we are able to easily apply the Classico Limewash from Romabio® and then wash off small portions of the paint to allow the underlying brick to show through and create the amazing limewashed appearance.

This also makes limewash extremely unique as each one ends up looking slightly different depending on the colors chosen, the underlying brick, and the amount of paint that is washed off. Watch this video to learn more about our application process today!

#2 Protects and Resists

Once applied, limewash provides protection for your brick as it is made of minerals that strengthen the brick. This protective layer creates resistance against damaging bugs, water, and fungal growth that can lead to deterioration of the brick, peeling of traditional paints or sealants, and additional wear and damage. 

Additionally, the specific Classico Limewash from Romabio® that we use at Alliance Painting is a breathable mineral paint that allows the brick to breathe naturally, yet still offers protection and resistance against damaging elements. Learn more about the products we use today!

#3 Low-Maintenance

With the resistance it provides and long-lasting characteristics, limewash creates a low-maintenance home exterior option. There’s not much that feels better than not having to worry about how the exterior of your home looks years after you paint it. Limewash makes this possible on a whole new level.

Along with it lasting for years, when it does age or wear down, it simply adds to the appearance of the brick finish. However, if you want to repair aging spots and keep your home looking more clean and crisp rather than vintage, the flat finish of limewash makes it extremely easy to recoat and get it back to looking just like new in no time. 

#4 Environmentally-Friendly

Many paints on the market today are filled with toxins that are introduced into the environment when applied. However, Classico Limewash is made from natural minerals — offering a non-toxic brick finishing option that not only helps to save our planet, but also protects your brick home. Choosing limewash for your home provides benefits to you, and those around you.

#5 Forgiving 

Lastly, limewash is much more forgiving than traditional paint in a couple different ways. First off, you can remove Classico Limewash for up to five days after it’s been applied. This means if you want to test out a certain color or specific limewashing technique and change your mind, you can easily remove the limewash and begin again. 

It is also forgiving in the sense that you don’t necessarily have to get a perfectly even coat the very first try, especially if you are using a wash-off technique. Simply add more coats if you want a solid color or leave the varying spots to add to the limewashed, vintage look.

Alliance Painting

Interested in limewashing your brick home? Our team of professional painters at Alliance Painting have been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area for several years, and use leading limewash products and techniques from Romabio® to ensure that you have a lasting home exterior that you love.

Our dedication to quality shows every step of the way when you choose to work with our team at Alliance Painting — from the initial free painting estimate and experienced project manager to our satisfaction guarantee and workmanship warranties. Get in touch with us today with your limewashing questions, or to get started with your free painting estimate!

Looking for more information on limewashing a brick home, our specific Alliance Painting limewashing services, or additional benefits that limewashing can provide? Find it all right here!