Some say the heart of your home is the kitchen. After all, we spend a good part of our day (and our lives really) cooking and eating. On average, Americans spend about two hours a day on meal preparation and cleanup and about one hour a day actually eating. That’s a lot of time in your kitchen. Since you’re in your kitchen a lot, you want your kitchen to not only be functional, but also to look nice. One of the best ways to make your kitchen beautiful if by painting the kitchen cabinets. Alliance Painting serves the Dallas-Fort Worth area with beautiful custom cabinet painting services to make your kitchen shine. Below, we’ll continue our series, debating whether your should undertake cabinet painting yourself or hire a painting contractor. Contact us today for a free painting estimate!


  • Consider the time involved. Painting kitchen cabinets is not a painting job to accomplish in one sitting. In fact, it probably takes a lot longer than you’d think to paint kitchen cabinets. You’ll have to remove all of your food, containers, pots, pans, and seasonings from your cabinets. Then you have to prep your kitchen cabinets and prime all the surfaces as well as clean them thoroughly. You’ll have to tape off the tops. You’ll have to remove all the hardware, which includes the handles, drawers, and hinges. It is estimated that you’ll need at least a week to prep, paint, and allow the paint to dry when undertaking painting your kitchen cabinets.
  • Consider the tools needed. When you paint kitchen cabinets, a spray painter is not an option. Painting kitchen cabinets is detailed work that requires patience and going slow so as not to clump the paint, miss spots, and get all the nooks and crannies that exist in your kitchen cabinets. Thus, you’re going to need all the accoutrements of a painter. This includes paint brushes, paint rollers, paint roller extension poles, different types of paint brushes for both detailed work and for full-body work, and paint clothes. When you hire a professional painting company such as Alliance Painting in Colleyville, you’ll get a team that knows how to work quickly and efficiently to get your kitchen cabinets painted with the least amount of disruption possible.
  • Consider the aesthetics involved. Your kitchen is one of the first areas potential homeowners notice and care about. A custom kitchen cabinet painting job can increase the value of your home and kitchen significantly when you go to resell. You want a kitchen cabinet paint that will look sharp, professional, and in the end gorgeous. When you undertake painting kitchen cabinets, you’ll need to stay organized, labeling everything, especially the screws and hardware, or you’ll have a nightmare ahead when you go to put everything back together again.

Alliance Painting in Dallas-Fort Worth offers the best cabinet painting services. We want your kitchen to look brand new. When you partner with us for professional kitchen cabinet painting services, you’ll get a free painting estimate, help from our ColorShrink, and an unrivaled customer experience. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!