Here are my 3 tips – House Painting Estimate Take-Aways.  First impressions are everything, right?  I’ve learned a lot about the importance of first impressions as Alliance Painting has grown to be one of our market’s pre-eminent house painting companies.  We strive to perfect the basics of business and customer service.

Why are painting estimate take-aways important?

I’ve found that the very first interaction you have with a painting contractor will be indicative of what your experience will be if you hire them and they commence work at your home.

Important?  Yes, if you care about the care your home, your time, and your money.  All 3 could be compromised if you hire the wrong contractor.

Here are my 3 tips – House Painting Estimate Take-Aways:


Did the contractor uphold the arrival time?  If they did, its a great sign that they’ll be prompt while your project is being executed


Was the house painting contractor equipped and organized enough to compile a detailed proposal for you before they left your home?  Or did they walk the project with your for 10 minutes and leave with the expectation they’ll send you a the proposal tomorrow or within the week?  If they don’t provide on-the-spot proposals, are they equipped or prepared to execute and deliver the project in a timely, organized fashion?


Was the contractor prompt with regard to responding to your questions through the sales process?  This is very important to consider BEFORE you hire a painting contractor.  You want to make sure they respond to your questions in a timely manner.  Not being responsive and prompt causes you, the homeowner, to be more stressed with no management of the project.  I inform my clients that communication is almost as important as the quality of the paint job itself.  If we do a fantastic job with the prep and paint but our communication sucked, you likely aren’t going to be very happy.  My clients appreciate our responsiveness to there questions.  We value and put a heavy premium on effective communication.

There’s no replacement for great communication and promptness, it’s more important to consider than one might think.  Nobody likes being left in the dark when working on your most valuable asset – your house.

At Alliance Painting, we realize we’ve thoughtfully considered what’s important to you, our client, after receiving feedback from past clients.  We listen to you and implement!

We’ve carefully crafted and developed a proprietary process to always keep you connected and informed while we paint your house.  Here are some testimonials to prove it.

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