Are we a good fit for your painting project?  When Sarah and I first opened Alliance Painting, we wanted to paint EVERYTHING!  I mean EVERYTHING!  As time’s gone on, we’ve naturally found our niche market and crafted it to redefine the contracting industry.  It seems to have happened without even realizing it.  Equally as important to our progression, we have also realized what types of projects we won’t be the best fit for.

On average we field 20 calls per week from clients wanting to get an estimate from us – that equates to over 1,000 calls per year!  Given the large number of calls we receive, we find it critical to allocate our time (and respect yours) wisely.

The following are types of projects we typically aren’t the best fit for.

Rental Properties 

Painting rental properties typically aren’t a good fit for a few reasons.  If a landlord is bidding out the paint job, they’ll likely plan to get 4-6 estimates.  With this number of bidders, you’ll see a wide range of pricing options.  A landlord, in most cases, wants to complete the project with the lowest possible investment, to attain the highest level of return on investment.  Although we’ve received many opportunities to bid on rentals, we have found that were not a good fit for these clients – our level of surface and quality exceeds what the landlord is looking for.

Preparing to Sell

This scenario is very similar to rental properties.  When folks are preparing to sell they are wanting to recoup as much equity as possible at the closing table.  If they are gathering multiple quotes for the project, they will tend to select the quote on the lower end of the pricing options.  I’d do the same thing if it were my house!   Understanding this mindset, our level of service and feedback from clients, we’ve found that we’re not a good fit for homes being prepared to sell.

New Construction

Again, this scenario, in most cases is similar to rental properties and properties for sale.  Builders place a premium on cost.  We have bid on many new construction homes for builders and we typically lose out due to price.  There are many painting contractors that target new construction – we do not.

Apartment Repaints

These types of projects require a certain skill set that we’re not set up for and generally follow the same guidelines as repainting rental properties..

Large Commercial Projects

We simply aren’t set up for large commercial projects.  We only paint what we can execute – large commercial is not something we’re good at.

Are we a good fit for your painting project? 

We appreciate you reading this article and hope you’ve found it helpful!  To see what services we provide, click here.


Ryan Anderson