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4 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home With a Fresh Coat of Paint


If you are preparing to sell your home, you may be looking for quick and affordable ways to increase your home’s value and gain a return on your investment. One of the best ways to do this is with a fresh coat of paint.

In today’s blog post, Alliance Painting is here to share with you four ways that you can utilize paint to increase the value of your home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Continue reading to learn more, and contact our team of professional painters today to schedule your free painting estimate!



Paint Your Home’s Exterior

Freshening up the paint on the exterior of your home prior to selling has been proven to provide one of the highest returns on your investment when it comes to increasing your home’s value with paint. Not only does this fresh coat of paint increase your home’s curb appeal, attracting more potential buyers, but it also provides lasting value to the home as it keeps the structure protected from the elements.

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Paint Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a major selling point for many buyers. By painting your kitchen a favorable, updated color, you can greatly increase your home’s value. Your goal here is not to necessarily choose the look that you like most, but what appeals to potential buyers so that you can get the most on your asking price. Need assistance choosing the right paint color for your kitchen?

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Paint Your Bedroom and Bathroom

Adding a fresh, clean coat of paint to your bedroom and bathroom is another way to easily increase your home’s value. When someone is buying a home, most often than not they are wanting a space that doesn’t feel like it is dirty or needs a lot of updating. By choosing deep, comforting colors for the bedroom and lighter, subtle colors for the bathroom, you can create a favored look that potential buyers just can’t forget about.

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Choose Paint Colors Carefully

No matter if you are painting your home’s exterior or interior, choosing the right color plays a vital part in the success of increasing your home’s value. As we mentioned above, you don’t want to just use the colors that you personally prefer as those may not appeal to your target audience of home buyers. The best way to ensure that you are choosing the right paint color is to get advice and assistance from an experienced professional.


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At Alliance Painting, we are committed to helping you get your home painted and ready for sale from the inside out. We work with a professional ColorShrink that can assist you in choosing the perfect paint colors for your home to attract the attention of potential buyers. Additionally, our team of experienced, licensed painters are here to help you execute the project with amazing attention to detail and customer satisfaction guaranteed. Learn more about our interior and exterior home painting services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area today!

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